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Cyber Dating

In Cyber Dating, the mystery woman that the lonely widower, Richard, meets online enamors him, but their face-to-face meeting lands him in jail with two murders pinned to his tab.   In Review... Almost Done!

Cyber Dating Excerpt - Ann Deprés
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Story Time with Ava

Listen to the prelude below, grab yourself a copy, and then click the book jacket to be taken to the storytime 'media page' where you'll follow along with Ava as she reads from this collection of twelve short stories every Wednesday night at 8 pm. 

The Traveler - Ann Deprés
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Eerie Rhymes

Listen to the excerpt below, grab yourself a copy, and then click on the book jacket to be taken to the rhymes 'media page' where you'll follow along with Ava as she reads a rhyme from this collection every Monday night at 8 pm. 

Death for Breakfast - Ann Deprés
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A Faceless Demon


In Faceless, Bella takes you with her on her journey into the spirit world where she fights to keep her soul.  


Faceless Chapter 1 - Ann Deprés
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In Identity, a tattered soul becomes a force to be reckoned with when she discovers that she can live as two separate people..., literally!         Coming 12/1/20!

Identity Excerpt - Ann Deprés
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The Musical Tracks (1) Moonlight Menschen (2) Identity Crisis (3) Haunted by Screams (4) On the Chain by the fabulous Myuu were used in these audio clips. Be extra sure to go give his stuff a listen:

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