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When I started this blog, sat contemplating the name, I figured I’d turn out the occasional blurb about what I’ve got going on in the moment. Throw in a restaurant or game review now and again. Perhaps once or twice a week just to keep my subs interested.

However, as I’ve sat and looked around at all that’s going on, the way that people speak to and treat one another, the idea just never seemed to sit right with me? I could never get, and stay motivated to incessantly update people about what I’m doing, but rather found myself wanting to shift the focus away from me. In my heart I knew that I wanted to create uplifting posts that encourage people, indie artists in particular, to keep forging ahead.

Well… it’s finally settled in my mind. Going forward, the focus of my blog ‘Motown Musings’ will be book and movie reviews from up-and-coming artists. Of course I’ll review my favorite authors and filmmakers, but the satisfaction that comes with surprising someone new to their craft who, in that moment, may be feeling like all of their hard work is in vain is priceless.

So if you’re an indie author, or an independent filmmaker reading this post, be sure to pop in often. You never know whose book I’m going to read, what movie I’m going to watch, and review in a given month. I want to say I’m going to do, at minimum, two reviews a month, but I don’t want to commit to an exact number just yet. I’ve got quite a lot going on myself, and I have to allow for time to actually sit still and read the book, watch the film before I review it.

Anyhoo… that’s all for now. I’m finally excited about getting active on my blog. My new blog, that’s just been revamped, so that you can now comment on my posts as well as interact with me live on the blog.

Cheers guys... Here’s to getting it done in “2020!”

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  • by Ann Deprés

Ann is excited to release her twelve-week Gavin Percival Mysteries series, for your enjoyment! Join Gavin every Monday evening @ 8 pm for a new episode.

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