• by Ann Deprés

Ann is excited to release her twelve-week Story Time with Ava series for your enjoyment!

Check out this prelude to Ann's new story time series, and hereafter, join Ava every Wednesday evening @ 8 pm for a suspenseful tale.

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  • by Ann Deprés

On April 18, 2018, Ann began posting a rhyme-a-day intent on doing it every day for the next 365 days, but after forty-two days quickly decided that she needed to take it down a notch. It was exhausting recording just about every day. So now she’ll only post a rhyme-a-week along with her Story Time, and Cyber Dating Series. Each rhyme in the Eerie Rhymes Series is written by Ann, and read by her Cyber Assistant, Ava, for suspense lovers the world over to enjoy.

~ Eerie Rhymes to Pass the Time, Mondays @ 8 pm

~ Story Time with Ava, Wednesdays @ 8 pm (beginning June 27th)

~ Cyber Dating, Fridays @ 8 pm (beginning June 29th)

So head on over to Ann’s youtube channel where you can subscribe and hit that bell next to the subscribe button so that you get an alert each time she uploads a new video.

You can also check out these series under the ‘media tab’ on Ann’s website, just remember to grab yourself a copy of “Story Time with Ava: Volume I” first so that you can read along with Ava each week, and join in the discussions afterwards.

Oh, and you mustn’t forget to visit Ann’s Place via the link in the more info box below each video, to grab your Eerie Rhymes, and Story Time with Ava mugs. Cyber Dating hoodies, tees, and mugs are also available in a variety of different colors, alongside The Queen of Suspense mugs. Your support enables Ann to purchase the electronics and computer software that she needs to keep making awesome content for you to enjoy.

Here’s to getting it done… Cheers guys!

See you out there,

~ Ann Deprés

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  • by Ann Deprés

Ann is excited to release her new book, "Eerie Rhymes read by Ava" in paperback, and eBook formats, along with her animated eerie rhymes series for your enjoyment. Get your copy today, and join Ava every Monday night @ 8 pm as she reads from this collection of rhymes.

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