We all get up day in and day out and go through our monotonous routines without giving any thought to what’s really going on in the background of our lives. We tend to believe that if we’re in a good head space and things are going well in our life that we’re in control of our destiny. On the flip side, if we’re in a bad way and everything seems to be going wrong that our lives are out of sync, or we’ve failed in some way.

As a rule, people tend to fall into one of three distinct sects, and either spend the whole of their existence trying to reach a higher status, or retain their existing status; those persons who effortlessly glide through life and attain success while barely having to lift a finger, individuals who work extra hard to accomplish their goals, and the perpetual failures who never seem to accomplish anything.

Society as a whole tends to view individual accomplishments, or the lack thereof, as a suitable method for determining a person’s worth. Whether they’re worthy to be in our company, or are to be spurned and written off as insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

But what if there’s more to it than what we can visibly see…?

I believe that there exists another layer of reality, which the natural eye is not privy to, and in this ‘other’ reality there are times when preternatural entities are allowed to wreak havoc in our lives.

Come… Let’s explore these alternate realities together, and let’s use the movie “Fallen” as our prime example.

I was so intrigued by this film that I am, in my spare time – as if I have any time to spare – writing a feature film that sort of picks up where “Fallen” left off. Detective Hobbs was enjoying a stellar career in law enforcement, basically just cruising along in life, when he was summoned to an execution that would alter the course of his entire destiny.

Edgar Reese, the condemned murderer, was possessed by an evil spirit, and it was this evil spirit who, through Edgar Reese, summoned Detective Hobbs to the execution. When the detective showed up, the evil spirit tried to enter him when Edgar shook his hand, but failed.

However, from that moment on, there was a drastic change in Hobbs’ life. The evil spirit, or spirits, couldn’t take possession of him, so it went on to use people, situations and circumstances around him to disrupt his life, discredit him, and basically drive him to the brink of insanity.

A series of murders, all of which pointed to Detective Hobbs as the prime suspect, happened immediately following the death of Edgar Reese, calling into question the detective’s character and everything he’d accomplished throughout his entire career. Especially after he shot a man possessed by that same spirit, who was coming at him with a gun. A man that witnesses – also under the influence of this spirit – went on to say was unarmed.

To the external eye, it looked as if Hobbs had gone rogue, or had always been dirty, and his unscrupulous actions were just now coming to the forefront. No matter how hard the detective fought to right these, perceived wrongs, the adverse circumstances continued to have a ripple effect in his life, ultimately resulting in his disgrace and death.

Think about that, dear readers, the next time you decide to “judge a book by its cover,” because the longer I live, the more I’ve come to believe that nothing is ever what it seems, and most people are not who they claim to be!

Here’s to getting it done… Cheers guys!

See you out there,

~ Ann Deprés

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  • by Ann Deprés

When I wrote my last blog post and gave a shout-out to for the awesome services they provide, and then went on to discuss the avenues I’m using to garner the attention of my target audience, I purposely excluded Authors Database, because I feel like they deserve a separate post with accolades reserved exclusively for them.

In my last post, I alluded to the fact that I am the entire team from concept-to-virtual bookshelf. I then went on to say that there are no teams of editors, publishers and marketers waiting in the wings for me to hand over my manuscript when it’s done, but I want to expound on that statement a little.

It’s true that I do it all myself in the days leading up to the moment I publish my content – whether it’s a blog post, an animated video, or a manuscript in paperback and eBook formats – for the world to see; additionally, it’s also true that I have no contracts with any major publishing houses at this time.

However, happening across Authors Database was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me! They offer a variety of services for the up-and-coming author to have at their disposal, with minimal requirements in return.

To say that they help authors is an understatement, because they do so much more than that. Authors get free exposure on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

They also get showcased on the Authors dB homepage, and have an opportunity to get their work in front of millions of people via promotions, reviews, their own syndicated blog and the Authors dB community.

I mean, I’ve been listed with Authors dB for almost two years now, and showcased in their ‘This Week’s Top Authors’ spot consistently. So I just wanted to take a moment, at the onslaught of this new and exciting year, to personally say a huge “Thank You!” to Authors Database for all of the wonderful things they do for writers the world over.

Take a moment to show some love by leaving a comment below telling the world what Authors dB means to you… Cheers guys!

See you out there,

Ann Deprés

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There’s always that pivotal moment in each of our lives, when we make the decision to take hold of the reins, and break away from the norm. I have spent years in the corporate world striving to get ahead, only to have someone else decide how far I could go, which would have been fine were it a fair and balanced process.

Unfortunately, for me, the process never balanced out. It became abundantly clear that it didn’t matter how hard I worked, it didn’t matter that I showed up early and often stayed late, it didn’t matter that I was professional, dependable and courteous at all times.

The harsh reality is, I was never going to be promoted while working alongside some of the unethical bosses that I’ve had, because I refused to be a part of the clique. So I got to watch people who should be fired get promoted, while the rest of us endured harassment, and suffered a whole host of other injustices, in the interim.

One day, exhausted and frustrated, I came to the conclusion that something had to change. I decided that if I was going to pour all of my time and energy into something, it may as well be for myself.

That’s when I began envisioning what I would like my life to be…

~ The ability to work from home

~ Set my own hours and pay

~ Be the one to decide how successful I would be

All of which appealed to me on every level, so I set out to find a way to make that happen. I had written my first novel, “Faceless,” which I believe to this day is a bestseller, but I wasn’t quite sure how to market it. I needed to set up a website, and drive traffic to it so that people would purchase my book, which I had no idea how to do at the time. The challenges were mounting quicker than I could come up with solutions, but I remained determined to see this thing through to the end.

Further investigation led me to the webhosting service… a Godsend! I was able to build my own website exactly the way I wanted it at a reasonably low price compared to other webhosting sites. Once the site was up and running, I was faced with the dilemma of driving traffic to my website, and having them return regularly once they’d found me.

Marketing was key… my ability to effectively market my product would determine my success. By now, all I had was this YouTube channel that had been sitting idle since 2009, and my new website:

I spent months researching how to make money on YouTube, and drive traffic to my website, which presented yet another problem. Once people started visiting my website, because all I sell is books, there would be no incentive for them to return once they’d purchased one of my books; additionally, I had no idea which direction I wanted to go with my YouTube channel.

One night I finally just broke down, lay back on my bed, and cried myself to sleep. I was soo close to realizing my dreams, yet still so far away. It seemed that every time I resolved one problem, another would be there staring me in the face, because I’m the entire team from concept-to-virtual bookshelf. There are no teams of editors and publishers and marketers waiting in the wings for me to hand over my manuscripts once I’ve finished them.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing. I’m not sure whether I was fully asleep, or daydreaming, but all these ideas just began pouring into my head. I got up and wrote everything down to clarify what I was seeing, and when I was done, it had unfolded into the perfect resolution for me and I was thrilled.

If I added a blog to my website, built a fan base on my youtube channel, and posted the weekly youtube videos to my website, that would create a consistent flow of traffic to my website so that when I completed a new novel, novella or children’s book it would practically market itself.

Of course, that means a lot more work for me making animated videos in addition to writing, formatting and editing my own manuscripts, but the dividends that work will pay in the coming days will be well worth it in the end…, and whether I stand or fall will be on me. No one else can hinder my progress!

Hence my blog and animated series were born:

~ My weekly blog ‘Motown Musings’

~ Every Friday @ 8 pm “Cyber Dating”

~ Every Wednesday @ 8 pm “Story Time with Ava”

~ Every Monday @ 8 pm “Gavin Percival Mysteries”

~ Regularly @ 8 pm “Creepy Rhymes to Pass the Time”

On this 14th day of January 2018, the rest is history. All that’s left to do now is write, create weekly videos, and post.

Let’s see where I end up at the close of “2018” now that all of the obstacles have been removed... Cheers guys!

See you out there,

~ Ann Deprés

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