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Shout Out to Authors Database

When I wrote my last blog post and gave a shout-out to wix.com for the awesome services they provide, and then went on to discuss the avenues I’m using to garner the attention of my target audience, I purposely excluded Authors Database, because I feel like they deserve a separate post with accolades reserved exclusively for them.

In my last post, I alluded to the fact that I am the entire team from concept-to-virtual bookshelf. I then went on to say that there are no teams of editors, publishers and marketers waiting in the wings for me to hand over my manuscript when it’s done, but I want to expound on that statement a little.

It’s true that I do it all myself in the days leading up to the moment I publish my content – whether it’s a blog post, an animated video, or a manuscript in paperback and eBook formats – for the world to see; additionally, it’s also true that I have no contracts with any major publishing houses at this time.

However, happening across Authors Database was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me! They offer a variety of services for the up-and-coming author to have at their disposal, with minimal requirements in return.

To say that they help authors is an understatement, because they do so much more than that. Authors get free exposure on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

They also get showcased on the Authors dB homepage, and have an opportunity to get their work in front of millions of people via promotions, reviews, their own syndicated blog and the Authors dB community.

I mean, I’ve been listed with Authors dB for almost two years now, and showcased in their ‘This Week’s Top Authors’ spot consistently. So I just wanted to take a moment, at the onslaught of this new and exciting year, to personally say a huge “Thank You!” to Authors Database for all of the wonderful things they do for writers the world over.

Take a moment to show some love by leaving a comment below telling the world what Authors dB means to you… Cheers guys!

See you out there,

Ann Deprés

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